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We are Sannan, a Karate Academy located in Calgary, Alberta. We build self-confidence, self-discipline and a better character in our students by teaching them REAL self-defence methods.

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Meet Our Sensei


Verlin Koch

Shoko-Ryu Karate: Nanadan
(7 th Dan)
Renbukai Karate: Godan(5 th Dan)
Yuukijuku Bogutsuki Karate-Do: Godan (5 th Dan)
Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu: Renshi


Paul Swacha

Shoko-Ryu Karate: Yodan (4th Dan)
Renbukai Karate: Nidan (2 nd Dan)
Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu (Yudansha)


Meela Gunawardena

Shoko-Ryu Karate: Shodan (1 st Dan)

What We Teach

The emphasis of our training is to learn effective self-defence in a safe and controlled environment, as well as to provide physical fitness. Our main focus is on two styles of self-defence:

Koryu Uchinadi

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-Jutso, a modern interpretation of old-style Okinawan karate before it was modernized to a more sport-oriented form of self-defence. The system not only includes blocking and striking, but also throws, joint manipulation, ground follow-up and defence. The system also includes traditional Okinawan weapons and weapons defence.


Renbuki Karate is a traditional style of Japanese Karate known for both strong non-contact and full-contact Kumite (sparring). Full-contact Kumite is done using protective equipment especially developed for Renbukai Karate.