Our Program Paths

The programs at the Sannan Karate Academy have been designed to build self-discipline, self-confidence and a better character in its students. This is done by teaching the students karate as a means of self-defence and a way of attaining physical fitness. The emphasis of the teaching is on self-defence, but the Academy also participates in a limited number of competitions. A student does not need to be physically fit to begin learning karate. Classes typically begin with warmup exercises and calisthenics that are geared to the individual student’s fitness level. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace to their own fitness level with fitness being developed through the training.

Kids Class

The children’s classes are for ages 6 through 14 years, but the upper and lower ages will vary depending on the maturity and size of the student. Children are taught basics blocking and striking skills, as well as escape from common seizing and wrestling holds. Self-confidence, safety and fun are emphasized and the students are encouraged to be the best that they can be. As the emphasis is on self-defence, adults and children are usually taught in separate classes. Children are not taught the more dangerous techniques because in many cases they do not possess the required judgement in their use. However, the attacker is usually larger than the defender, so adults are sometimes in classes with children to provide an opportunity to deal with a larger attacker.

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Adult Class

The adult classes are for ages 15 years and older, but younger students may be included if they are both sufficiently physically and emotionally mature. Basic blocking, striking and kicking skills are taught first followed by two-person drills to simulate actual self-defence situations. Escapes from seizes and basic wrestling positions, grappling in a self-defence context, break falls (how to reduce chances of injury when falling) and throws are also taught. For the more advanced students, pressure point submissions, chokes, strangles and seizing are taught. To ensure the safety of students during training, self-defence skills are taught in a controlled, mutually cooperative environment until the student’s skill level permits more aggressive training and responses.

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Kobudo Class

(Traditional Martial Arts Weapons)

Traditional martial arts weapons are taught only to advanced adults (or younger mature students with their parent’s or guardian’s permission) and generally are not open to public viewing.

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